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The learned ways of Bob...

unbearable drivel and pontification

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"Seriousness is the refuge of the shallow"

Morag is a lake monster reported to inhabit Loch Morar in Scotland.
Morag is 100ft tall and just as wide.
Morag is a vastly superior being.
Morąg is a city in Warmia-Masuria, Poland.
Morag is the fifth horseman of the apocalypse.
Morag is a woman of excess.
Morag is an alter ego of a superhero.
Morag is ridiculous.
Morag is a giant ever-expanding pufferfish in space.
Morag is a Scottish female given name.
Morag is an evil harpy.
Morag is lazy, idle and extravagant.
Morag is wearing odd socks.
Morag is the laughing cavalier reborn.
Morag is morally derelict.
Morag is a name given to children who cannot spell.

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